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New PDF release: A Haunt of Murder

By P. C. Doherty

ISBN-10: 0312359616

ISBN-13: 9780312359614

As evening units in, Chaucer’s weary pilgrims locate themselves in a Kent copse, rumored to be haunted. Huddling round the hearth, they convince the Clerk of Oxford to inform a ghostly story of affection and loss of life that may extra relax their blood...

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The guard who found her corpse is still being sick, says he cannot forget. ’ Everyone sat in silence. Three days earlier Phoebe, a maid from the castle, a buxom, bright-eyed lass, had left to return to her parents in their wattle-daubed cottage on the main trackway out of Maldon. When she did not arrive home, her father came to the castle the following morning to look for her. Beardsmore, the sergeant-at-arms, had taken charge; he was beside himself with worry. He had been on guard the previous night and had not seen Phoebe leave.

She heard a sound, a footstep and, as she raised her head, a terrible blow to her temples sent her flying through the night air to crash on to the cobbles below. Chapter 2 Beatrice stared down. She’d felt such terrible pains, as if her body was caught and licked by raging fire, but something was wrong. Was she dreaming? She was wearing the same kirtle. She touched her head. There was no pain now. Her hair still hung unbound, cork pattens on her feet, yet there was a body lying on the cobbles before her: eyes open, a line of blood trickling out between parted lips, head twisted strangely, arms out, fingers splayed.

Tonight at midnight I will brick up this wall totally. ”’ ‘Be careful how you tell this part,’ Lady Anne warned. ‘Well, Lady Johanna asked why, so that scion of Satan told her the truth. ’ Beatrice exclaimed. ’ Sir John drank from his cup and smacked his lips. ‘Well, that’s why they call it the Midnight Tower. ’ Marisa asked. ’ Sir John’s eyes widened. ‘There are storerooms in that part now, passageways and galleries. ’ ‘That’s enough,’ Lady Anne declared. ‘You’ll frighten us all. ’ The conversation turned to other events.

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A Haunt of Murder by P. C. Doherty

by Jason

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