Jordan Jenkins Authentic Jersey  Download PDF by George C. [from old catalog] c Perkins: A ladys book on art embroidery in silk, with engraved - Intierniet maghazin Books

Download PDF by George C. [from old catalog] c Perkins: A ladys book on art embroidery in silk, with engraved

By George C. [from old catalog] c Perkins

Книга леди по ручной художественной вышивке на шелке, с гравированными образцами (1886)ПРИМЕРЫ: страница 1страница 2

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Aud neatly overhanded together. over and fastened on tlie corners to hang it pink, are placed on each up by. The lower part back, as here indicated. Bows corner. is jiink. The edges then turned Brass rings are sewed on of satin ribbon, the shade of the darkest dJf AftT EMBROIDERY IN' 45 SILK. RACK FOR NEWSPAPERS. A twenty-five cent wire broiler can bo converted into the prettiest wall pocket for newspapers that one can imagine. Select one the desired size, the handle off of one side, gild the broiler with the liquid in bottles, prepared for The decoration gilt, file which comes such purposes.

The pond lilies being made of white silk cut soft white — silk in bias strips, double and fold it to represent the petal of the lily as sow it in place and continue in this manner until tlic lily They can be purchased read3'-madc if preferred, and is the work of only a few moments to fasten them in place. The leaves and stem are worked in arrasene. The centre of the cover is made of dark blue silk, the same shade as the plush blind, stitch the band on after it is embroidered, and line all with silesia.

A new and pretty is made by covering a common flatsome thick soft material which caii be fastened on with mucilage, enough being used to hold the material firmly, and not enougli to strike paper weight both iron wiih just through to the right side. Decorate and a small tliermometer, such as t^he ma_, material by an embroidered spray, be procured at any fanej^ store; may be tacked on or not, as desired. A convenient addition sometimes hold a few postage stamps. is a small pocket just large enough to ON ART EME50IDERY IN Ladies find this SILK.

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A ladys book on art embroidery in silk, with engraved patterns by George C. [from old catalog] c Perkins

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