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Download PDF by James Keith Elliott: A Synopsis of the Apocryphal Nativity and Infancy Narratives

By James Keith Elliott

ISBN-10: 900431119X

ISBN-13: 9789004311190

Early Christians equipped at the tales of Jesus' and Mary’s start and youth. Their later money owed, lots of them came across these days between collections of non-canonical ('apocryphal') texts, are vital and engaging. they offer insights into the expansion of Christian theology, specially about the position and standing of Mary, and in addition the best way the earliest tales have been elaborated and interpreted in renowned folks religion.
A variety of the earliest bills is gifted the following in clean translations. This moment variation comprises a few texts initially in a number of diversified languages akin to Armenian, Ethiopic, Coptic and Irish, now not on hand on the time of the 1st variation. The texts are prepared in small devices and synoptically, that allows you to let readers to check texts and to work out the diversities and similarities among them.
J.K. Elliott has chosen and organized the texts, and he presents introductory and concluding chapters. He additionally features a complete and beneficial bibliography to profit readers who may need to pursue this comparative research extra deeply.

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And she occupied herself constantly with her wool-work, so that she in her tender years could do all that old women were not able to do. And this was the order that she had set for herself. From the morning to the third hour she remained in prayer; from the third to the ninth she was occupied with her weaving; and from the ninth she again applied herself to prayer. She did not retire from praying until there appeared to her the angel of the Lord, from whose hand she used to receive food; and thus she became more and more perfect in the work of God.

J J Mary at the Age of Twelve/Fifteen Protev. 8:2–3 I(i) When she was twelve years old, there took place a council of the priests saying, ‘Behold, Mary has become twelve years old in the Temple of the Lord. ’ And the high priest took the vestment with the twelve bells and went into the Holy of Holies and prayed concerning her. ’ And the heralds went forth through all the country round about Judea; the trumpet of the Lord sounded, and all came running. L Ps-Matthew 8 I(ii) When she was twelve6 years old the Pharisees said that it was a custom that no woman of that age should abide in the Temple of God.

And the Virgin Mary, who was among them, was appointed head of all the virgins. These were assembled there and were made to wait while lots were being cast there on behalf of the widowers, to see who of them will have a wife. Now when Zechariah came out of the temple bringing the canes, he gave them one by one to the widowers. The names of the virgins were visibly inscribed on certain canes, as to who had emerged as whose wife. And when the high priest was handing the canes, there was no other sign on them except for the letters of the inscribed names.

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