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Get Ada, a life and a legacy PDF

By Stein D.

During this engrossing biography, Dorothy Stein strips away the numerous layers of fantasy to bare a narrative way more dramatic and engaging than earlier bills have indicated

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Propelled by the changing conception of climate at the time, the EGIG expedition put environmental and climatic questions at the forefront of its scientific agenda. At Eismitte, the expedition drilled its deepest ice core, shedding new light on the circulation of contaminants through the atmosphere and even capturing a clear signature of the first Russian H-bomb tests, conducted several years earlier. But these scientific successes were marred by political infighting and the expedition ended with an aggrieved Denmark actively turning against foreign glaciological research on Greenland’s ice sheet.

With the changes that swept over Greenland’s ice sheet in that era—from improved air access to permanent research stations to remote sensing technologies—the mystery and allure of Eismitte slowly waned. 1 Jensen and his three companions had reached the foot of the nunatak a week earlier, utterly exhausted after a grueling 60-kilometer trek from southern Greenland’s Frederikshaab Glacier. For 11 days, the party negotiated minefields of crevasses, deep azure chasms plunging down into the ice and into darkness, barely able to see through eyes wet and stinging from snow blindness.

But their respite wasn’t to be for long: with no new supplies, Station Eismitte could support a maximum of three men for the winter’s duration. His feet ravaged by frostbite, Loewe was in no condition to return to the coastal camp, and so settled in for the winter with Georgi and Sorge while Wegener and Villumsen embarked on their return journey. 83 Loewe’s sleeping bag confinement stemmed from the amputation of his toes, which were lost one by one to incipient blood poisoning from frostbite: “Georgi cut away the flesh round the roots of the toes with his sharp knife, nipped off the bones .

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Ada, a life and a legacy by Stein D.

by Michael

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