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Håkan Olausson, Johan Wessberg, India Morrison, Francis's Affective Touch and the Neurophysiology of CT Afferents PDF

By Håkan Olausson, Johan Wessberg, India Morrison, Francis McGlone

ISBN-10: 149396416X

ISBN-13: 9781493964161

ISBN-10: 1493964186

ISBN-13: 9781493964185

CT afferents are receptors in mammalian bushy epidermis that fireplace motion potentials while the surface is touched evenly which makes them fairly vital in affective touch.  frequently neuroscientific learn has serious about extra discriminative and haptic homes of contact that are mediated by way of large myelinated afferents and the coding houses and sensible association of unmyelinated CT afferents were studied a lot less.  The proposed quantity will draw jointly latest wisdom during this nascent box. Separate sections will handle (1) how we will degree affective contact, (2) CT constitution and body structure, (3) CT processing, (4) the contribution of CTs to sexual habit, (5) scientific relevance, (6) advertisement relevance, and (7) destiny examine considerations.​

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Importantly, these studies emphasize that the C afferents involved in body surface mapping are sensitive to capsaicin, suggesting nociceptive afferents. Animal studies indicate that CLTMR are not sensitive to capsaicin (Foster and Ramage 1981; Kenins 1982; Vrontou et al. 2013) as is true with human CTs (Wiklund-Fernström 2004). 28 Å. Vallbo et al. To sum up, there is essentially no experimental support for the two alternatives to the social touch hypothesis. Rather, available data speak against them.

Brain Res 184(2):353–366 Johansson RS, Vallbo ÅB (1983) Tactile sensory coding in the glabrous skin of the human hand. Trends Neurosci 6:27–32 Kandel ER, Schwartz JH, Jessel TM, Siegelbaum SA, Hudspeth AJ (eds) (2013) Principles of neural science, 5th edn. McGraw-Hill, New York Kenins P (1982) Responses of single nerve fibres to capsaicin applied to the skin. Neurosci Lett 29(1):83–88 Kumazawa T, Perl ER (1977) Primate cutaneous sensory units with unmyelinated (C) afferent fibers. J Neurophysiol 40:1325–1338 (They point out that CT are scarce in distal arm regions) Li L, Rutlin M, Abraira VE, Cassidy C, Kus L, Gong S, Jankowski MP, Luo W, Heintz N, Koerber HR, Woodbury CJ, Ginty DD (2011) The functional organization of cutaneous low-threshold mechanosensory neurons.

J Neurophysiol 54(3):491–501 Torebjörk HE, Hallin RG (1973) Perceptual changes accompanying controlled preferential blocking of A and C fibre responses in intact human skin nerves. Exp Brain Res. 16(3):321–332 Trulsson M, Francis ST, Kelly EF, Westling G, Bowtell R, McGlone F (2001) Cortical responses to single mechanoreceptive afferent microstimulation revealed with fMRI. Neuroimage 13(4):613–622 Vallbo ÅB (1976) Prediction of propagation block on the basis of impulse shape in single unit recordings from human nerves.

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Affective Touch and the Neurophysiology of CT Afferents by Håkan Olausson, Johan Wessberg, India Morrison, Francis McGlone

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