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Download e-book for kindle: Aquariums (Field Trips) by Jennifer Blizin Gillis

By Jennifer Blizin Gillis

ISBN-10: 1600445586

ISBN-13: 9781600445583

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Our cleats clanked on the floor as we all lined up 41 to greet him. “You’re looking good, sir,” I said cheerfully. “That gray color really looks good on you. ” He started to tremble. He always shakes a lot when he sees me coming. “Bernie, please—” he said. “I like that suit,” I said. ” the Headmaster said. “It was on a ventriloquist’s dummy,” I said. ” “Bernie, step back and let the Headmaster speak,” Coach Bunz said. He bumped me out of the way with his stomach. Coach Bunz turned to my teammates.

She leaned forward and pawed the ground, eager for the play to start. Another running play. The Cannibal fullback came bursting toward us with his helmet lowered. ” Jennifer let out a terrifying battle cry. Then she tackled him. She tackled him so hard, she buried him two feet in the ground. The two officials signaled frantically to the coaches. They came running onto the field carrying shovels. And they dug the Cannibal runner out of the ground. ” Jennifer asked. “Not bad,” I said. The next Cannibal play was a pass play.

Jennifer,” I said. ” Belzer’s eyes bulged in his pudgy, round face. He gulped—and took off running. But Belzer didn’t stand a chance. He was like a squawking chicken running from a hungry tiger. 34 Jennifer tackled him easily, pushed him facedown in the dirt, and held him there. ” I said. Belzer took off. Jennifer creamed him. ” I ordered. I watched Jennifer tackle Belzer again and again. I decided it was time to stop when Belzer couldn’t remember his own name. ” I said, slapping Belzer on the back.

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Aquariums (Field Trips) by Jennifer Blizin Gillis

by Anthony

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