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Download PDF by USA Archery (Organization): Archery

By USA Archery (Organization)

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Activating the lower trapezius causes your scapulae to rotate downward. It is important for you to use your lower and middle trapezius to keep your shoulders down in conjunction with your scapulae, which helps create the bone-to-bone alignment needed to create the barrel of the gun. Although the LAN 2 area is described in chapter 3, it is important to explore this term and its effect in more detail. 2). Focusing on the LAN 2 area throughout the shot process allows your scapula, upper arm, and elbow to move together as a unit.

A good test is to draw the bow and aim at a spot about 20 meters away. See whether you can hold the dot or pin on the spot for 15 seconds. If you can, you have a good draw weight for you. If you start to shake after a few seconds, decrease poundage. Another good way to check whether the poundage is good for you is to sit in a chair and draw back the bow. You should be able to draw in a smooth and controlled manner, keeping the bow drawn fairly level to the ground. Set Nocking Point Before you set a nocking point, decide which type of nocking point you are going to use.

During the process from loading to anchoring, it is extremely important that you maintain your hook and finger pressure on the string and the pressure point on the grip. Maintaining the finger pressure and hook during anchoring allows you to increase your back tension from loading to anchoring. 11 Archer in the anchor position. Transfer Even after you have reached a solid anchor position, you are still not completely braced inside the bow. You must make a small movement to get into the holding position.

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Archery by USA Archery (Organization)

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