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New PDF release: Athena the Brain (Goddess Girls)

By Joan Holub

ISBN-10: 141698271X

ISBN-13: 9781416982715

In Athena the mind, Athena regularly knew she used to be clever and targeted, yet she didn’t become aware of that she used to be a goddess! while she’s whisked away to Mount Olympus Academy, she concerns approximately becoming in and working along with her dad (Zeus). fortunately, she meets the Goddess ladies and unearths the easiest associates she’s ever had.

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Uh-oh,舡 said Aphrodite, looking worried. 舡 Athena pointed toward the stack on her bed. Artemis had already discovered them and was flipping through them. 舠Doggone! 舡 舠You should never make sketches without bespelling them to stay put on the page first,舡 Aphrodite cautioned Athena. 舡 a voice boomed from the courtyard below. 舡 whispered Pandora, her eyes wide. At the mention of the principal舗s name, Artemis舗s dogs glanced up with interest for a second, but then went back to chomping snacks. Athena peeked outside.

Athena mused excitedly. 舠I wonder if I舗ll meet any Amazons. 舡 舠Promise me you舗ll let me know if you get to meet any cool godboys like Poseidon,舡 said Pallas. 舡 舠It舗ll be my first priority,舡 Athena teased. 舡 舠Me too,舡 said Athena. 舡 Pallas grinned dreamily. 舡 She yawned. 舠Well, night-night, Athena. Let舗s get up early, and I舗ll make owl-face pancakes for breakfast before you go. 舡 Her voice drifted away. After Pallas dozed off, Athena tossed and turned until sunrise, dreaming of Mount Olympus. In some of her dreams, she was the star of the academy, getting the highest academic honors.

Athena peeked outside. Zeus was standing in the courtyard, with his fists at his hips. He did not look happy. Nervously, she waved a hand to get his attention. 舠Umm . . Dad, er, Principal Zeus! I think I did it. 舡 舠Theeny? 舡 roared Zeus, looking up at her in outrage. 舠You can舗t go around whipping up a storm of ideas willy-nilly! Don舗t you know that everything a goddessgirl does affects mortals down there on Earth? 舡 His loud voice bounced off the walls, echoing around the courtyard and throughout the school.

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